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About Us

PGS Pilgrim Tours specializes in boutique Camino tours.

We’re serious pilgrims, but we don’t mind doing it with a bit of style and comfort!

We don’t believe you have to suffer to be a true pilgrim.

Our first tour is in April 2014, from Porto in Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, arriving in time to join in the unique Spanish celebrations for Easter – the Semana Santa.

We’ll stay in 3 Star hotels, we’ll eat well, and we’ll have a dedicated van on hand at all times to transport packs, and pilgrims, if needed.

It promises to be the tour of a lifetime!

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  1. It will be a tour of a lifetime and not to be missed.

    September 11, 2013
  2. kpschlesinger #

    HI Bill, Something I am wondering but hadn’t asked yet, what is the weather expected to be at this time of year? Kathryn

    September 11, 2013
    • Hi Kathryn – my wife and I were in Portugal in mid May, about 4 weeks later than the tour will be, and the weather was glorious. I think in 2 and a half weeks we had one day of rain. And the temps were that lovely spring temperatures of coolish in the mornings, nice during the day and then cooling off again in the evenings.

      I guess it was about 8-10C in the mornings, about 22-25C during the day, and evenings about 8C or so.

      The weather once you get into Galicia, across the border into Spain, can be a bit more unpredictable, and no matter what the time of the year it’s best to pack for rain when considering Galicia. But in Portugal, with the Camino being very close to the coast, the weather is a little more stable.

      Are you thinking of joining the tour?


      September 11, 2013
      • Thanks Steve –

        I hope that you and Jill decide to come, but I understand it if for whatever reason you can’t.

        (I would though like a motorcycle escort – I think it would be duly appropriate for Sister!)


        September 11, 2013

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